24/11/2022 Queer spaces - Lares Input today in Zurich, @cabaretvoltaire 6-8pm, moderated by HZ’s Sevim #queerspaces #urbanity #inclusion #bettercitybetterlife https://t.co/hkUnvqahCE

Lentics, Uznach CH, 2021

08/11/2022 HZ shortlisted in SF - together with BAR and Veev Design helsinkizurich developed a set of conceptual approaches for the design of the Swiss House San Francisco in a two-staged competition. #Architecture #InteriorArchitecture #AdaptiveReuse #embassybuilding https://t.co/Fg0KzqinBo

Enzian Health, Pfäffikon CH, 2020

26/10/2022 NEW ADDRESS: our Zurich office has moved - starting today you’ll find us at Grüngasse 19, CH-8004 Zurich #keeponmoving #dontstop #helsinkizurich #zurich #newperspectives https://t.co/luXU0nBzvw

Enzian Health, Lenzburg CH, 2021

20/10/2022 HZ’s Antti in Singapore on October 18-23, workshopping with @sutdsg and @AaltoDoArch on the themes of #campusdevelopment #liveability and #walkability.

Scandit HQ, Zürich CH, 2022

05/10/2022  HZ’s Antti talks in ‘The Other Perspective’ architecture seminar at @Cambridge_Uni on the 6th of October. #architecture #wellbeing #health https://t.co/uu1FbiA6gy

Masterplan Bahnhof Töss, Winterthur CH, 2020

01/10/2022 Open House Zürich this weekend! Go check the pair of a beautiful ronschampesque Lutheran church and our hybrid building attached to it on Kurvenstrasse! #openhousezurich #architecture #modernistchurch #hybridbuilding https://t.co/7wZxcpwr9L

Pokrovka Creative Offices, Moscow RU, 2019

25/09/2022 HZ selected to study the future potential of Ryffel-Areal - a small industrial site in transformation - in Wetzikon CH #transformation #urbandevelopment #homesfortomorrow #industrialheritage https://t.co/hMp9CCo24q

Praxis Kreuzplatz, Zurich CH, 2019

22/09/2022 New photos of our ‘small hybrid building’ project - parish house and apartments attached to a heritage church in downtown Zurich - coming up! #infillarchitecture #densificiation #heritage #winner https://t.co/L8CK7dOh3Z

Volta Nord, Basel CH, 2019

20/09/2022 HZ wins! Evoco - an innovative Private Equity firm - has chosen HZ to design their new Headquarters in the center of Zurich. Four stories of workspaces and an attic space to be used as a break space for employees and visitors. #adaptivereuse #interiorarchitecture #futureofwork https://t.co/gUiatE1fYb

Amylon Neighborhood, Sibiu RO, 2019

17/09/2022 It’s a people business: people-centered approach, participation and stakeholder management needed in order to deliver added value - HZ w/ team help Swiss Property and municipality of Köniz develop a new neighborhood with 140 sustainable homes in Niederscherli. #participation https://t.co/C2l3QHdo5I

Mühlkanal Neighborhood, Salach DE, 2019

12/09/2022 Awesome ✌🏽 - HZ collaborating with Veev Design and @BARArchitects in San Francisco - 🤞🏽it all works out https://t.co/H9djIzWxJx

Kutoja Masterplan, Espoo FI, 2019

05/09/2022 HZ's Tommi gave a lecture and a seminar today at MAS ETH in Raumplanung / NSL kicking off the new semester focusing on the "underground". Tommi's key messages are to see the underground as a resource for more efficient cities #undergroundurbanism #undergroundcities https://t.co/fS6at9497W

Flor Da Manhã Preschool, Xai-Xai MOZ, 2019

31/08/2022 Heilpädagogisches Schul- und Beratungszentrum Sonnenberg in Baar CH - we kicked off a test planning process opening up, rearranging, expanding and densifying the curative center #adaptivereuse #urbandesign #architecture #housing #school #peoplewithspecialneeds #integration https://t.co/Z8J20jS0fv

Jätkäsaari Housing Reform, Helsinki FI, 2019

19/08/2022 The (eastern) center of Rapperswil-Jona - Just this week we kicked off a test planning process for the future of the center. #urbanrenewal #centerdevelopment #revitalization https://t.co/Fu2mx5pXHR

Viererfeld Masterplan, Bern CH, 2018

18/07/2022 RT @Scandit: 🏆 Our Zurich HQ, designed by @helsinkizurich, is a winner in the DNA Paris Design Awards 2022! The new office has stood out in…

Ischlag Development, Saland CH, 2018

14/07/2022 Scandit's HQ = WINNER! HZ's design for Scandit’s HQ in Zurich CH is a winner in the DNA Paris Design Awards 2022! In the category of Interior Architecture, Workplace Scandit's HQ stands out. #DNAParisDesignAwards #Winner #InteriorArchitecture #Workplace #FutureofWork #Scandit https://t.co/D3623uthbN

Baar Süd, Baar CH, 2018

11/07/2022 COME JOIN US! Zurich@helsinkizurich.com #praktikum #praktikantin #praktikant #internship #intern https://t.co/S0526B4IBX

Cross-disciplinary design collaborations with sustainable fashion design, 2018

08/07/2022 HZ wins in Enge Zürich CH! HZ w/ Stephan Brunner, Hager Partner, Denkmalwerkstatt, Steiner Hutmacher and Planbar win the competition for revitalizing the historic Parish House into a vibrant community center. #Heritage #Architecture #Revitalization #AdaptiveReuse #winner https://t.co/cBG1BImGdb

Redensification, Klingnau CH, 2018

07/07/2022 HZ with Haagla, Ruumfabrigg Architekten GmbH ETH SIA and ARCHOBAU win competition for the masterplan for the industrial area of Buchholz Glarus. The project transforms the industrial area step-by-step into a walkable mixed-use neighborhood. #transformation #masterplan #winner https://t.co/fx5Y0ge3zm

Masterplan Hafner, Konstanz DE, 2018

01/07/2022 Prize ceremony in Glarus CH - 1st prize for HZ with Haag la and Ruumfabrigg. HZ’s @tommimakynen presenting the winning project for transforming the large industrial site of Buchholz into a differentiated mixed use neighborhood. #urbandesign #urbanplanning #transformation https://t.co/T8iwFq2jKA

Strömfors Village, Loviisa FI, 2018

Perovskya Urban Center, Moscow RU, 2018

Salina Raurica Masterplan, Pratteln CH, 2018

Town Center, Sarnen CH, 2017

Rotkreuz South, Rotkreuz CH, 2017

Längweier-Udelboden Housing, Luzern CH, 2017

Seminar Rickenbach Neighborhood, Schwyz CH, 2017

Innovation and Startup Ecosystem Development, Espoo FI, 2016

Balboa im Viadukt, Zurich CH, 2016

Herti-Areal Development, Bülach CH, 2016

Dreispitz Südspitze Transformation, Münchenstein CH, 2016