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Block Barblanstrasse, Chur CH, 2023

In the form of an edge-forming block around an open courtyard, the project creates a clear orientation and a strong identity for the neighborhood in a structurally very heterogeneous context. With the perforated pergola access, the apartments are equally connected to the neighborhood and the inner courtyard. The large inner courtyard gives the new housing estate in the Barblanstrasse area a strong identifying feature. Parts of the existing buildings will be converted for communal purposes. They play in the courtyard and refer to the site’s past through their preservation. The network of paths is permeable, but has a private character. A tall building marks the location at the junction and continues the history of the high points in the Rheinquartier.


Client Grundeigentümer
Time 2023
Team Tommi Mäkynen, Mirjam Niemeyer, Paula Cruzado
Collaborators Haag Landschaftsarchitektur