KOL_Situation copy

North of the Spinning Mill Canal, Kolbermoor DE, 2014

The site is the last piece in the chain of the developments along the canal – historic spinning mill park, the new housing area and the site – currently an industrial area. Our project concentrates the development into the north of the plot, where the connecting street and the railtracks are, in order to leave a continuous green stripe along the canal in the south. Two neighborhood clusters arise. The one in the east is aligned parallel to the railtracks, the western cluster parallel to the canal. The neighborhoods are connected by a green space with a public building and a promenade connecting the neighborhood north  of the tracks to the canal. The new park between the neighborhood clusters and the canal with generous green space function as retention surface. The green space continues as fingers towards the north between the building rows. The residential areas offer a mixture of different housing typologies and forms of living, reflecting the needs of demographic mixture. The row and town houses with max. 3 levels offer options to suit different income levels and stages of life. The single-family houses are designed as “growing houses”: they can be optionally expanded or shrunk. The building rows in the north shield the area from noise of passing trains and make for a pleasant south oriented whole.

Client City of Kolbermoor DE
Time 2014
Team Tommi Mäkynen, Mirjam Niemeyer, Antti Ahlava, Jonathan Kischkel
Collaborators Mathias Overbeck, Cadrage Landschaftsarchitekten