“Circle of Life”, Zwicky Areal, Wallisellen CH, 2014

The old yarn factory area – Zwicky Areal – in the growing Zurich region is transforming  itself into a mixed-use quartier. The area is surrounded and cut into pieces by transportation infrastructure. The last building phase A6-A9 in the heart of the area is intended to bring the mosaic-kind of whole together. The task was to insert student and elderly housing and retail facilities into the core of Zwicky Areal. In a context with severe exposure to noise, we created two compact urban blocks with peaceful courtyards – one for students, one for seniors. The industrial context is reflected in the architectural expression of the building.

Student Housing: The retail groundfloor opens towards the outside and enlivens the surroundings. The communal courtyard, on the roof of the supermarket is accessed via a foyer and a main staircase. The apartments on the upper floors are accessed via communal balconies. The foyer, courtyard, main stairs and balconies are meeting spaces for the residents. The apartments always open to two sides offering intimacy.

Elderly Housing: The residents of senior housing benefit from the spacious common areas on the ground floor, opening towards the main public spaces of the area. The serviced elderly home take the next two floors benefiting from the courtyard. The apartments for independent living are located in the upper floors. Ring-like corridors ease orientation, offer meeting places for the residents and allow changing views into the courtyard and surroundings. 

Client Halter AG
Time 2014
Team Tommi Mäkynen, Mirjam Niemeyer, Antti Ahlava, Michelangelo D’Ettorre, Roberto Schumacher