Town Centre Ramersdorf, Munich DE, 2013

The old village of Ramersdorf, nowadays completely incorporated by the city of Munich, is famous for its pilgrimage church. It is protected for the monument itself and further as an ensemble with its neighbouring buildings, too. A fundamental change of the traffic ways aroung the village centre created new space for densifying and re-evaluating the existing framework. The project focussed on a cautious process of locating and shaping new building volume to enhance the given paths, as well as creating new alleys and courtyards. In combination they form a new network which feels natural by connecting to the adjacent neighbourhoods and offers a rich walkability. The successful integration of new facilities as for example a community centre and a supermarket was achieved by detailed studies in reaction to the kept buildings and trees. Thorough architectural decisions regarding the grain ensure the residents can still relate to their Ramersdorf. Important aspects of the urban design were the incorporation of new traffic ways as well as the implementation of various noise buffer concepts, due to adjacent streets with heavy traffic.

Client City of Munich DE
Time 2013
Team Mirjam Niemeyer, Tommi Mäkynen, Jonathan Kischkel, Olli Vuorinen
Cadrage Landschaftsarchitekten, Michael Angelsberger München