Residential Neighborhood, Müllheim DE, 2015

The city of Müllheim is an attractive place to live. The development of the area “Am lange Rain” is part of the long-term strategy of the city of Müllheim to develop affordable, residential development areas close to the center. 

Urban design concept – At the eastern outskirts and at the entry point in to the town, a new neighborhood which mediates between the city and the open countryside is created. In the south the scheme backs of from the main road, thus leaving the traditional wide open views of the landscape with the Black Forest mountains in the background intact. The square, which spans between an existing residential building, the new neighborhood café and the low-rise residential blocks, forms the entrance “foyer“ of the new neighborhood and connects it to the exisiting foot and cycle path towards the city center. A central green open space is created along the old dirt road, dividing the neighborhood in to two clusters aligned with the field structures and further sub-divided through existing rows of fruit trees. Differentiation in building typology and height provides for a mix of housing options and diversity. The arrangement of the buildings around relaxed communal gardens ensures social cohesion. 

City of Müllheim DE
Team Mirjam Niemeyer, Tommi Mäkynen, Michelangelo D’Ettorre
Collaborator Mathias Overbeck