We create liveable, human-centered environments. We make places that support locality and connectivity. Our urban design and planning projects are made together in a collaborative manner with a variety of stakeholders and project partners. We integrate different interests and mix uses in order to create inclusive designs. We celebrate the combination of the existing and the new identities through adaptive reuse and retrofitting.

KERa HZ Website Main Image AND Karroussel 683×337

Kutoja Masterplan, Espoo FI, 2019

2.1.1 Situationsplan 1_1000 (main)

Baar Süd, Baar CH, 2018

31.1.7 Lageplan 1_1000 Variante 2 A3

Redensification, Klingnau CH, 2018

HAF_Situationsplan ohne Text-low

Masterplan Hafner, Konstanz DE, 2018


Strömfors Village, Loviisa FI, 2018


Town Center, Sarnen CH, 2017


Dreispitz Südspitze Transformation, Münchenstein CH, 2016


Urban Development Study In Leimbach, Zürich CH, 2015