Herti-Areal Development, Bülach CH, 2016

The small town of Bülach close to the Zürich airport is developing rapidly. Its train station has become a busy regional commuter transit hub. The whole area around the station is underdeveloped and the bus station needs a complete makeover to be able to handle the growing traffic. 

The ‘Herti’-area between the station and the town plays a key role for Bülach. In a two stage process the city awarded our proposal “Bülach kommt zum Bahnhof” (“Bülach arrives at the station”) the third prize.

Our proposal was based on the strategy of bringing Bülach to the station and creating a new vibrant pedestrian-friendly place there. The bus station was organized around a new urban square which works as a stepping stone between the transit hub and the city. A high-rise mixed-use building marks the entry to the city and the new neighborhood. Mixed-use buildings enliven the Main Street and enable a more intimate and relaxed inner life for the small-scaled car-free ‘Herti’-area filled with live-and-work options. The concept gives Bülach a new urban interface linking the old center with the transit hub.

Client City of Bülach CH
Time 2016
Team Tommi Mäkynen, Mirjam Niemeyer, Nils Hviid
Collaborators Cadrage Landschaftsarchitekten, stadtraumverkehr