Aviapolis Bus Terminal, Vantaa FI, 2014

The Aviapolis Bus Terminal canopy is not a mere shelter but an amplifier of urbanity. The pavilion-like structure creates a landmark for the developing airport city, a place with a vibrant and simultaneously cozy atmosphere for its users. The new infrastructure symmetrically frames the Aviapolis Boulevard. Later on a central tramway track will complement the terminal. Corpuses of perforated aluminium sheets are mounted on a few pillars only, which onesided offer information and seating frames. Wallpaper-like fabric panels and suspended lamps create a warm lounge atmosphere whilst the glass roof offers views into the sky. The overall spatial feeling within Aviapolis Bus Terminal changes over the course of the day, especially due to the transparent materialization.

Client City of Vantaa FI 
Time 2014
Team Tommi Mäkynen, Mirjam Niemeyer, Antti Ahlava, Sara Martinez, Jonathan Kischkel
Collaborator WSP Finland Oy