Aavalodge Holiday Village, Ylitornio FI, 2022-

The Aavalodge project is located in Finnish Lapland on the beautiful Aavasaksa Hill, surrounded by wilderness. Our task has been to develop the Masterplan as well as the architecture for the future resort. The project features holiday homes and further structures such as a hotel and an activity center that blend seamlessly into the landscape. From the doorstep, residents and visitors can enter the forest and enjoy all that it has to offer, from hiking and biking in the summer to skiing in the winter. 

Constructed with a modern log structure, the Aavalodge project offers two different type houses, both of which can be modified to suit the site and the needs of the owner. The houses are designed with an emphasis on the integration of exterior and interior spaces, utilizing terracing to create a cohesive aesthetic that complements the natural surroundings. The goal is to leave the site as untouched as possible. The houses consist of a mix of compact private and airy open spaces under one large roof that covers the entire building and the surrounding terraces. Modern use of traditional logs brings warmth and comfort in contrast to the large windows opening onto the landscape.  

The construction of the 30 houses is expected to start in parts in 2023.
Client Arctika group 
Time 2022- 
Team Tommi Mäkynen, Mirjam Niemeyer, Zofia Józefowicz, Ilona Joutila 
Visualizations Leo Nuutinen