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Last Wednesday, the Finnish Embassy in Bern and the Finnish Honorary Consulate in Zurich hosted a screening of the architectural film ‘AALTO’ by @VirpiSuutari at the beautiful RiffRaff-building by Peter Märkli in Zurich. To welcome the guests, Roland Züger, architect, editor-in-chief of @werkbauenundwohnen and lecturer at @ZHAW.archbau, and HZ’s Tommi as the Honorary Consul of Finland, discussed the work of the Aaltos in today’s architectural and personal context. The film took viewers into the fascinating world behind the globally renowned name Aalto. The highly intimate film shed light on the significance and role of Aalto’s two wives in the creative processes. It exemplified the humanistic approach to design of one of the most significant modern architects through key buildings and furniture pieces. We would like to thank guests for coming to this great evening, as well the @FinlandinSwitzerland for making this evening possible.