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A new town will be built around the planned Finnoo metro station. The future eco-district will accommodate 14 000 residents and 6,000 employees. Finnoo is located directly by the sea neighboring a nationally important and protected wetland area with nesting birds. This situation as well as a power plant and other parameters impose complex boundary conditions for the development of the area. In adition to ecological goals, the fundamental urban planning principles for the development of Finnoo have been:

• The presence and diversity of nature in the entire area as important element of identity.

• The Metro as the central functional and structural starting point for the new district.

• The networking of the area to the surrounding environment with high-quality connections as well as the creation of alternative routes.

• Splitting a region into convenient sized entities - neighborhoods - and support their development with different identities.


City of Espoo

Role & scope

Masterplanner, architect



Team & collaborators

helsinkizurich (Mirjam Niemeyer, Tommi Mäkynen, Antti Ahlava, Helena Frigola, Anne Honkasalo, Beatrice Rosenkranz), MASU PLANNING Copenhagen (landscape design), WSP Finland (Traffic Planning)

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