A development concept and master plan for the Caohai Lake area in Kunming. The key concepts are:

1) Destination: create a place, where the residents of Kunming want to go for leisure

2) Water: reconnect the city to water by bringing the lake into the city, create a new shoreline, islands, ecological  wetlands and open canals, and revaluate the existing rivers

3) A string of pearls: develop the lakeshores as a continuous string of diverse places with distinct characters

4) Connect: create a multitude of connections between these places, both internally and externally (views, paths, routes, roads, ferries)

5) ‘Hotpot’: create a busy urban marina bay surrounded by a leisure promenade and a dense waterfront development


LEP Consultants AG, Zurich, The City of Kunming and Kunming Urban Planning and Design Institute (KUPDI)


development concept 


master planning



Team & Collaborators

helsinkizurich, LEP Consultants AG, KUPDI

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