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Shop'n'Dus is the end product of two studios dealing with the topic 'shopping' and its relation to the city of Düsseldorf on different levels and through a multitude of approaches. The Urban Research and Design studios were both conceptualized and conducted by Mirjam Niemeyer and Tommi Mäkynen for the chair of Prof. Pablo Molestina at Peter Behrens School of Architecture PBSA in Düsseldorf. The studios took place simultaneously between September 2007 and February 2008.

Shop'n'Dus was conceived by Mirjam Niemeyer & Tommi Mäkynen and its contents were researched, designed and produced by the architecture students from PBSA and Dalhousie University in Halifax (Canada) who took part in the two studios: Philip Behrend, Kai Berger, Philipp Bilke, Micky Damm, Philipp Flammiger, Moritz Gebb, Eleanor Hopkins, Luke Johnston, Mason Lampart, Blaine Lepp, Jakobine Meyer, Christina Persaud, Viviane Weber and Victoria Yong-Hing.


Peter Behrens School of Architecture design studio, Düsseldorf






Mirjam Niemeyer & Tommi Mäkynen, support & contributions: Prof. Pablo Molestina, Anja Steinig, Dr. Antti Ahlava, Michel Becker, Andre Felix, Jung Produktion GmbH, Maren Wiegmann, Anne Klimkait, Prof. Markus Pasing and Raoul Bunschoten.

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