The Municipality of Inkoo on Finland’s south coast commissioned us to develop a sports and recreational park to facilitate the physical fitness and leisure activities of the residents. The site is located on the Inkoo river near Kyrkofjärdens skola (a school). The medieval Inkoo church is situated on the other side of the river. Our scheme emphasizes the natural land formations of the site and creates a versatile ‘miniature archipelago’ as a park. The sports and leisure facilities – a ball game field, a skateboarding area, a basketball court, outdoor gym equipment etc. – are positioned to form ‘pockets’ of activities within the picturesque natural surroundings.


The Municipality of Inkoo


landscape design


landscape design


2009 – 2010, realization 2011


helsinkizurich (project leader Antti Ahlava) with Alvaro Corredor Ochoa (ES)

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