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The concept of the park reflects the experience of Lake Saimaa, the largest lake in Finland, and the fourth largest natural sweet water lake in Europe. The centre of Mikkeli is located 500 metres from the shore of a bay of this lake. We bring the experiences related to Saimaa to the middle of Mikkeli. Water is the core element of the park. The park is located next to Mikkeli Market Square and surrounded by the city hall and the library. Three bridges are set on the level of the surface of the water. The bridges accentuate the rectangular pool, dividing it into triangular shapes. On the edges of the pool one can sit and relax, keeping the feet in the water - feeling the water and the life of the park and experienceing it’s reflections in the water. The multiform bleachers rise from the pool as the firm bedrock rises from lake Saimaa. On the steps surrounded by trees one may meet, read, observe, play, or just be. One can watch cinema, opera or an ice hockey game from the screen on top of the pavilion. The pavilion includes a public sauna. From the heat of the sauna one can dive into the pool, creating Lake Saimaa experience in the urban environment. The pavilion includes a cafeteria. The tables of the cafeteria are set on the edge of the pool and have artworks made by local artists next to them. The spatial boundaries of the park follow the lines of the surrounding streets. Thus the ideal of C. L. Engel’s city plan is emphasized and the axial composition of the market square substantiated.


Ramboll Ltd

Role & scope

sub-consultant in urban design



Team & Collaborators

helsinkizurich, Ramboll Ltd [traffic planning]

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