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The former "Bavaria Casern" is an area of about 50 hectars in the northern part of Munich. It is one of the last remaining plots of land in the metropolitan area of Munich to be developed into a housing neighbourhood.

Three concepts drove the design:

I  Found Qualities & Framing
Remaining spatial qualities, mainly by the characteristic tree pattern are restructured and turned into specific urban situations.

II  Network & Community
Interweaving the area on different social levels (such as neighbourhood, community, quarter) to achieve an identity giving spatial constellation.

III  Urbanity & Chains of Pearls
The creation of a sturdy and high-quality framework to ensure urbanity by diversity, openness, a richness of possibilities and individuality.

The design generates structure and spatial qualities by integrating the existing trees. A diffentiated network of well proportioned public free spaces evolves. The outcome is sustainable and classic at the same time. The project is a specific and identity giving combination of the urbanistic classics: blocks, parks, squares, alleys and boulevards, as well as courtyards in addition with different typologies: high-rises, point houses and townhouses.


Stadt München


Urban Design Ideas Competition with Prequalification


Urban Design, Masterplan and Architecture




HZ (Mirjam Niemeyer, Tommi Mäkynen, Jonathan Kischkel, Olli Vuorinen), Cadrage Landschaftsarchitekten (Landscape Architecture), stadt raum verkehr (Consultant Traffic Planning), econcept (Consultant Ecology)

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