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helsinkizurich is an internationally operating architecture and planning consultancy. Our work is driven by the belief that the quality of people’s lives is directly influenced by their surroundings, at work, at home or the public spaces in between. We make places for good life.

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helsinkizurich CITIES WITHIN THE CITY - Join the discussion! Wednesday 4.12. public panel discussion at ZAZ Zentrum Architektur Zü… https://t.co/AlXkKgHP6a
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helsinkizurich HZ's @MirjamNiemeyer starts teaching Urban Design at the @ZHAW Institut Urban Landscape #teaching #learning #UrbanDesign
helsinkizurich helsinkizurich invited - HZ is one of the three Teams invited for the IBA-Project 'Quartier am Mühlkanal' Workshops… https://t.co/YNID2jDFkA
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